Daniele Tenca

Attention to the spirit of times while respecting tradition. Contemporary sounds and arrangements rooted in the Blues tradition, used as a vehicle of social communication for the struggle and denunciation of today’s violence and injustices.
This, in summary, is the approach of Daniele Tenca.
Daniele Tenca’s recording works have always left their mark, from his debut with “Blues for the Working Class” in 2010, to the beautiful “Wake Up Nation”, considered by insiders one of the most successful products of 2013 in “Love is the Only Law” of 2016, with the artistic co-production of Guy Davis.
In 2023 he released for Appaloosa / IRD “Just A Dream”, his fourth studio album, keeping the focus on social issues, such as the fight against all kind of discrimination, racism and inequality, and promoting attention to the environmental protection.