Giles Robson


giles new promo “Last act of the opening night was harp maestro Giles Robson….. the first blues-harp of the weekend and it was glorious.”

Blues in Britain Magazine live review – Great Rock And Blues Festival Skegness 2016

When great harmonica players Sugar Blue and Paul Jones describe Giles Robson as one of the great

living blues harmonica players you know he’s bound to be a bit special. The front man of garage rock blues band The Dirty Aces, Robson has graced international stages from St Petersburg and Moscow in Russia to shows in London, France, Belgium, Holland, Scotland, Italy, Switzerland with his highly

original, award winning harmonica and distinctive vocals.

For this, his debut solo studio album, he’s returned to the classic sounds of electric, harmonica driven urban blues.

“For Those Who Need The Blues” features nine gloriously dirty, sweat-down-the-wall bar room blues tracks, uncontrived with absolutely no gimmicks. This is the realm of the twelve bar blues – blues in its most equisite, raw and primal state. The album was recorded in the space of an afternoon

completely live with no overdubs and all within one or two takes per track. The album feels how the blues should feel: spontaneous, full of attitude and grit, mightily groovy and is fronted by Robson’s

massive harp tone and soulful playing.

Robson hadn’t scheduled a solo album as his day job with The Dirty Aces keeps him busy enough. However last minute unforeseen circumstances left him in need of a band at the Great British Rock & Blues festival in January 2016. With insufficient time to fully rehearse up the full Dirty Aces set of original material with a new set of musicians, Robson decided to hit the ground running by playing the sort of powerful classic blues that has always been a deep passion.

The band and the deeply blues orientated material he arranged proved such a success with the

1,800 strong audience that Robson instantly booked studio time to get it down on tape. Two weeks later and still fresh from their festival performance Robson and his newly forged band recorded the tracks that make up “For Those Who Need The Blues”.