Randolph Matthews – Afro Blues Project

Randolph Matthews – Afro Blues Project

Randolph-Matthews-English-singer-songwriter-performer-Home-Slide-2 ”Blue Queen” album 2017

Jazz, soul, world music, blues all these tags apply to British singer songwriter and multi vocalist Randolph Matthews ,but really earns the latter with his latest project.The Afro blues “Blue Queen”Album is a stunning collaboration with Italian musician Pablo Leoni and Alessandro Diaferio bringing together a swampy mix of contemporary blues similar to Eric Bibb ,Jimi Hendrix, Jon Cleary in vocal style and roots.

Randolph’s expressive british delivery compliments the New Orleans style drum grooves of Pablo and Alessandro’s versatile electro acoustic blues guitar playing.The trio who first met in London back in 2012 at Ronnie Scotts live jam session offer up original songs covering the diaspora of colours in blues.The three musicians though born in completely different worlds share the same universal expression of blues music that travels and connects with real feelings.

The Afro blues project “Blue Queen” Album is on release on major online distributors Spotify and Itunes and touring throughout Europe.

“An astonishing and mesmerising journey of music” Caslano Blues Festival

“Randolph’s original take on blues is infectious in this collaboration” Blues and Soul Magazine




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